Job Title Driver
Reports to Admin Supervisor
Supervises Vehicles
Job Role The Driver undertakes various transporting duties and typically works for the management. The Driver sole responsibility is to transport management staff to their various destination and also carry out vehicle maintenance check professionally.


Functions & Responsibilities

* Engages in all transportation activities.

* To convey management staff to their various destination safely.

  • * To carry out maintenance check on all vehicles.

* Should inspect the vehicle adequately before driving.

* Must not operate a vehicle that is suspected to be faulty.

* In the case where a vehicle is faulty, the driver must make necessary arrangement to see that the vehicle is serviced or repaired.

* Must ensure safety of everyone in the vehicle at all time and see that they make use of safety mechanism e.g. seatbelt

* Must observe all traffic regulations.

* Must ensure the safety of vehicles at all times.

* Must be punctual in exercising his duties.

* Keep the vehicle clean and neat

  • * Maintain the up to date record of the vehicle maintenance , fuel purchases etc.


Key Performance Indicators

  • * Must be punctual and efficient with schedule.
  • * Should drive safely and not over speed thereby endangering life.
  • * Proper and adequate maintenance of vehicles which will reduce damages and repairs.
  • * Road safety compliance.
  • * Should be able to come out with alternative route if the need arises.


Skills / Competence Requirements

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • * Vehicle maintenance knowledge.
  • * Must be familiar with the laws and legislation of the state as regards vehicle and driving.
  • * Risk management.
  • * Broad knowledge of other automobiles.
  • * Excellent time management skill.
  • * In-depth knowledge of scheduling systems and procedures.


Generic Skills

  • * Communication (written & oral).
  • * Obedience.
  • * Interpersonal skills.
  • * Initiative / proactive.
  • * Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • * Discipline.


Professional Requirements


  • Minimum of first school leaving certificate, Driving school certificate and a valid Driver’s license

Minimum Experience

  • 3-5 years experience in driving

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