Retail Downstream

Marketing and distribution of refined petroleum products through our network of retail stations across the country using company owned, leased and franchised stations. Our Retail Chain Management services focus on effective distribution of petroleum product in the retail outlets and efficient running of the stations. Our products include: PMS, HHK, AGO and lubricants whilst establishing appropriate non-fuels income that add value to drive in customers. Zone 4 Energy LTD is an active player in the downstream retail sector. By harnessing the wealth of industry experience available in our management team, we are able to offer the best value for money through excellent pump integrity and superior customer service.




Bulk Trading

Bulk trading of refined petroleum products from various depots across the country. The company is poised to utilize an extensive product importation capability to supply a wide range of petroleum product at competitive prices.  We operate primarily in the local market buying and selling petroleum products including but not limited to PMS, AGO, HHK, LPFO and base oils and engage in active trading on a daily basis. We are able to stay competitive by having the capacity to buy and trade in bulk, thereby giving discounts to our customers.


Land Haulage

Zone 4 Energy efficiently undertakes transportation of petroleum products from one part of the country to another. In addition to enabling us to efficiently move our products overland, our well developed assets in haulage and logistics ensures that there is minimal lag time between product importation and delivery.


Tank Farm Facility Management

Zone 4 Energy LTD has a multi-product storage facility in Eastern Nigeria guaranteeing supply to its valued customers. We also offer depot management services to depot owners, depot management can prove challenging for the inexperienced operator. By drawing on our years of industry experience, the Zone 4 Energy team is capable of offering an effective depot management consultancy service across the nation. 


Commercial and Industrial Supply

Zone 4 Energy markets and distributes a wide range of petroleum products, which includes, but not limited to; Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), to commercial and industrial customers across sectors of the economy. 
Our clientele profile cuts across private and public sectors such as manufacturing, telecommunication, aviation, construction, government agencies and hospitality and service . Over the years, with commitment to the provision of superior and excellent customer experience, driven by our core values SHIIPS; we have achieved impressive sales records with customers.





Zone 4 Energy provides services to offshore platforms supplying petroleum products and waste treatment which are returned to shore for proper treatment, recycling or disposal.





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